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Twin Peaks to Hold the Sun in Twin Peak Mountain


Double breast peak-the main peak of Twin Peak Mountain is 887.3m above the sea level and the highest peak in northeast Hubei. It is composed of two towering peaks and said to form from two “immortal” breasts of the seventh fairy. There are 21 mountains with the altitude over 500m around the main peak. Seen from the above, rivers are as bridles and fields and farmhouses as chessboards; morning fogs encircle steep mountains and cuckoo echoes in Qianhe Gulley. Tourists can have a panoramic view of infinite scenery. With twin peaks as the center, the scenic spot is characterized with ascending a height to look in the distance, for sightseeing and touring. Tourists can ascend stairs to listen to whistling of the wind in the pines, ascend the summit to overlook Mulan in the east and Xiaochang in the west; you can also experience the sorrowful, indignant, helpless and touching feeling of Dong Yong and the seventh fairy when they abandoned the infant reluctantly and sacrificed themselves in that very year.