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Forestry Research of Xiaogan City Ranked among the Provincial Innovation Platforms

Recently, the Hubei Engineering Research Center of Pine Seedling Breeding and High Efficiency Cultivation declared by the Xiaogan Forestry Research Institute was successfully recognized by the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, which marked that the forestry research of the Institute had stepped onto the provincial innovation platform, and had the key technology, research and development ability and engineering verification ability of major scientific and technological achievements to enhance the pine seedling breeding and efficient cultivation.

Xiaogan Forestry Research Institute has won awards for scientific and technological advancement at ministerial, provincial and municipal levels by virtue of more than 30 achievements in forestry science and technology. As a golden sign, slash pine container nursery technology has been leading the same industry in the whole province. Over the past 10 years, 70 million container seedlings of slash pine and various greening seedlings have been provided to the society, with a total afforestation of 600,000 mu (1 mu==0.0667 hectares), which provides a solid seedling guarantee for the Creating Green Hubei and Eliminating  Wasteland Action proposed by Hubei Province.