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List of Hubei Forest Towns Announced

List of Hubei Forest Towns Announced

Sancha Town of Xiaonan, Wuluo Town of Yunmeng and Sanlicheng Town of Dawu were selected

The reporter was informed on November 28th that after the provincial verification and acceptance, the list of 2018 Hubei forest towns and green villages was announced, and was named by Hubei Afforestation Committee and Hubei Forestry Bureau. Among the 47 Hubei forest towns in 2018, Xiaogan has three towns on the list.


The 3 Hubei forest towns in 2018 of the city are: Sancha Town of Xiaonan District, Wuluo Town of Yunmeng County and Sanlicheng Town of Dawu County. 159 villages such as Pailou Village of Xinpu Town of Xiaonan District, etc. were rated as 2018 Hubei green villages, with the number ranking among the best in the province.


In recent years, Our city has selected key villages with relatively good basic conditions and strong demonstration, and has built a number of distinctive green model villages according to local conditions to develop characteristic rural tourism so as to boost the local economic development.