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Xiaogan Federation of Trade Unions Won National Reading Outstanding Organization Award


On December 1, the 6th National “Female Reading” Reading Activity Award Ceremony and the 7th “Female Reading” Reading Activity Launch Ceremony, co-sponsored by Red Flag Press and China Women’s News, was held at the Staff Cultural Center of the Second Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation in Beijing (as shown in the picture). Xiaogan Federation of Trade Unions won the Outstanding Organization Award and was invited to the Award Ceremony.

The “Female Reading” reading activity is intended for nationwide women. It is committed to the mass reading with the tenet of “promote female reading and build reading families”. The event has been held for six consecutive years since its official launch in 2012. With the support of all walks of life, Xiaogan Federation of Trade Unions relies on filial piety culture and aims at the building of harmonious family. In our city, it actively carries out reading activities and gradually formed a good situation with leadership’s attention, organization and regulation, mighty propaganda, high employee participation rate and social awareness rate. This year, more than 500 outstanding works by female employees were received. The essays, letters home, calligraphy and paintings, and performance reading were all awarded in the country. Among them, Native Place Huangxiang, Filial Piety Touches the Sky, the work of Miss Li Fengyan of Huangxiang Primary School in Yunmeng County, won the first prize of calligraphy and painting reading and was put on display.