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Dragon Boat Competition in Huaiyin River, A New Era for Enthusiasm

Excellent Show of “Dance in Huanchuan” Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament


The Dragon Boat Race attracted crowds of people to come to Huaiyin River. From June 17 to 18, the “Dance in Huanchuan” Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament was staged in Huaiyin River, creating a harmonious, happy and peaceful festive atmosphere for the Dragon Boat Festival.


 “Bang...” with firing of the starting gun, dragon boats on the river started. Accompanied by drastic drums, the players bowed their heads and arched their backs to work together for championship.


On the surface of the blue waves, “dragons” in a long line were catching up with each other. It was like an arrow left the spring for the finishing line. People are crowded on both sides of Huaiyin River to cheer for the dragon boat athletes.


New era, new life, new heritage. Enjoy the dragon boat race; watch the water flying man and lion dance performance...... Rich and colorful theatrical performances bring a new visual feast to the public. In the water flying man performance, the motorboat circled the water on the water surface, and the water flying man surrounded in the center was rising out of the water from the two long water columns, later on, they dived into the water and made their appearance with audience marveling at difficult movements.


After several rounds of fierce competition, Caidian dragon boat team, Lao Feng Xiang dragon boat team, Education Dream dragon boat team and Hanchuan dragon boat team stood out and won the first place of the professional group, the enterprise group, the organization group and the local group separately.


The competition was jointly organized by Xiaogan City Cultural and Sports News Publishing Bureau, Work Committee under Direct Xiaogan Authority, Xiaogan Federation of Trade Unions and Xiaogan City Management Committee.