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Provincial Chu Opera Art Festival Is To Be Performed in Xiaogan Next Month

26 Operas Will Be Performed In Turns

News from the network (Journalist Li Qi, correspondent Zuo Qingying) A few days ago, the journalist learned from Xiaogan City Cultural and Sports News Publishing Bureau that, the 7th Provincial Chu Opera Art Festival is to be performed in Xiaogan in September. At that time, 11 operas and 15 opera highlights will be performed in turns to bring theatre fans an audio-visual feast

It is learned that the Provincial Chu Opera Art Festival will be jointly hosted by Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Xiaogan Municipal People's Government and jointly undertaken by Publicity Department of Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee, Xiaogan City Cultural and Sports News Publishing Bureau and Fortune Group. After Preliminary Appraisal Committee determines programs to participate in the appraisal of the Art Festival, it will be formally launched in the mid-to-late September. Main venue will be set up in Xiaogan Auditorium and Xiaogan People’s Square for award appraisal and performance; parallel venue will be set up in Yunmeng Theatre for the masses to participate in performance.

The Art Festival will continue to the end of September and Chu opera masters and award-winning actors and actresses from all regions throughout the province will have intimate contact with grass roots. They will give condolence-based touring performances through going to communities, going to villages and going to schools. Meanwhile, Xiaogan will launch the 13th “Fortune” Chu Opera Performance in Xiaogan at the beginning of November. It is planned to set up main venue in Xiaogan People’s Square and parallel venue in Xiaogan Huaiyin Park and Yunmeng County to bring citizens a” feast” of Chu operas lasting 14 days.