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The journalist was informed from Citywide National Tax Working Conference held on 25 that the national tax revenue of our city in the last year increased by 20.4% year on year to 4.123 billion yuan, of which, the local public budget revenue increases by 25.23% year on year to 1.049 billion yuan.

In 2012, the National Tax Department of Xiaogan responded to the downside pressure on economy, earnestly implemented each tax incentive that focused on structural tax cuts and “VAT instead Business Tax” of new and old tax system converted successfully. The city totally handled tax reduction of 1.479 billion yuan VAT and 79, 000,000 yuan income tax, and free from 1,300,000 yuan ordinary invoice costs of micro- enterprises, which provided a favorable development environment for the enterprise.

The meeting pointed out that the national tax revenue planned this year was 4.597 billion yuan and the growth rate would be 11.5%. The citywide National Tax Department at all levels should take the campaign “Year of Developing Environment Optimization” as the handle, and place emphasis on “Quality Improvement Project”; greatly optimize organizational revenue and revenue resources management and other development environment; increase the quantity and improve the quality; fully perform functions of tax revenue to make positive contributions to the scientific development and leapfrog development of the city.