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The reporter recently learned from National Tax Working Conference of the whole city that tax revenue collected through the municipal system of national tax is 5.635 billion yuan in 2014, increasing by 668 million yuan year on year, with a growth rate of 13.44%, surpassing 1.73% of average increase of the whole province to rank the third place.

Stable economic growth of Xiaogan has provided support for revenue growth in tax source. In 2014, industrial enterprises above the designated size of the whole city achieved industrial added value of 68.112 billion yuan, with a total retail sales of consumer goods of 68.933 billion yuan, international trade export USD 940 million, investment in fixed assets 148.293 billion yuan, increasing continuously and rapidly. Under the support of stable economic operation, 10 out of 12 key industries in Xiaogan achieved balanced growth in 2014 and the total revenue was 4.725 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 12.6%. Manufacturing industry, modern service and transportation industry therein respectively soared by 40.76% and 59.85% drastically.

Serving economic development by State Administration of Taxation has given an impetus to revenue growth. In 2014, State Administration of Taxation in Xiaogan boosted structural tax reduction and advanced pilot reform of “changing business tax to value-added tax (VAT)” to alleviate tax burden of 395 million yuan for VAT taxpayers in the city on the whole; enterprise export rebates (exempted) of 473 million yuan was handled and 669 million of VAT and income tax was exempted, along with exemption of tax registration and invoice production cost amounting to 1.4 million; small and micro enterprises enjoyed tax preference of 5.4 million, with a coverage of 99.5%. A series of services and measures stimulated the vitality of economic development and 12,190 taxpayers open for business were newly increased in the city.