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Foreign Investment Comes in Tendency of Diversity
More than 300 Foreign-funded Enterprises Settled in Xiaogan

The reporter learned from Xiaogan Administration for Industry & Commerce that Xiaogan continued the implementation of reform in registration system for commercial affairs in 2015H1, fully serving the accelerated transformation and development of foreign-funded enterprises in Xiaogan and pushing the economy of Xiaogan to the international stage. By the end of June, 306 foreign-funded enterprises have settled in Xiaogan, with total investment of USD 3,360 million.

Li Lin, Chief Representative of Industry & Commerce Window of Xiaogan Administrative Service Center said in terms of the analysis of industrial structure, foreign-funded enterprises in Xiaogan was obviously characterized with the predominant role in the secondary and the tertiary industries. The present situation is that 146 enterprises come from the secondary industry and the number for the tertiary industry is 144, accounting for 47.71% and 47.06% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises respectively. For the industrial structure, 125 enterprises are in the manufacturing type, 49 for information transmission and software services and 40 for wholesale and retail businesses. The number of enterprises falling into the first three industries accounts for 69.9% of the total number. Industries with the registered capital of enterprises ranking the first three places are manufacturing, wholesale & retail and transportation, warehousing and postal services.

With the increasing benefits of foreign-funded enterprises, such enterprises had strengthened intention to investment expansion, increase in capital and share, mergers&acquisitions, merger by amalgamation and group incorporation in order to constantly reinforce market competitiveness and anti-risk capability of enterprises. It also showed the tendency of foreign-funded enterprises in Xiaogan towards scale and standardized development. In 2015, Xiaogan Zhonghuan Gas Investment Management Co., Ltd. improved its market competitiveness by means of capital purchase.