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“Recharge” One Hundred Principals in Pilot and Demonstration Enterprises with “Two-ization” Deeply Integrated in the Whole Province
“Internet +”Promote Transformation of Enterprises in Xiaogan

Numerous traditional enterprises know that the Internet is “reforming itself”, so they are determined to march towards the Internet while they don’t know where to go. On July 17, Zhang Min, Professor of Wuhan University came to Xiaogan and “recharged” almost one hundred principals in the pilot and demonstration enterprises with two-ization deeply integrated in the whole province, imparting the idea that the enterprization “Internet+” is the “secret” of competition as a sharp tool.

In the advanced seminar open class of the pilot and demonstration enterprises in Xiaogan with two-ization deeply integrated in the whole province, Professor Zhang Min introduced the speech with two gambles between traditional enterprises and Internet-oriented enterprises, explaining the development of the Internet and traditional enterprises’ bewilderments in detail. After analyzing and explaining one puzzle after another to the entrepreneurs present, Professor Zhang Min proposed the new concept of “+Internet” and encouraged traditional enterprises to innovate their business modes by implanting e-commerce DNA to be a wave rider in the Internet age boldly. Numbers of entrepreneurs in Xiaogan attended and listened to the open class. As reporters saw, seats in the meeting hall were added several times because entrepreneurs came in an endless stream.

The related principal of the municipal economical information committee told the reporters that the advent of the mobile Internet era was not only a challenge but a shock. “The most terrible thing is that though we enter the new normal, our thoughts are still outdated. This god-given open class will help enterprises in Xiaogan transform better.”