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“Ten-Focus and Ten-Promotion” to Advance High-quality Development in Xiaogan

Create Hundred-Billion Civil-Military Integration Industry


On April 4, implementation opinions on boosting high-quality development of economy were introduced in Xiaogan to take poverty alleviation and problem solving, Wuhan-Xiaogan integration, civil-military integration, municipal coordination, ecological protection as main line, boost high-quality development comprehensively through “Ten-Focus and Ten-Promotion” and accelerate building regional growth pole in the whole province.


Xiaogan is positioned at the development objective in the following three years. Namely, growth rate of main economic indexes is higher than average level of the whole province and average annual growth rate of gross regional domestic product is not less than 7.8%. The total quantity should rank at top six places in the whole province and strive to ascend to top five places.


High-quality development path of “Ten-Focus and Ten-Promotion” was clarified in Xiaogan: focus on targeted poverty alleviation to promote comprehensive realization of moderately prosperous society; focus on Wuhan-Xiaogan integration to promote comprehensive integration to Wuhan; focus on base construction to promote deep civil-military integration; focus on farming-tourism integration to promote health industry development; focus on industrial upgrade to promote real economy revival; focus on investment promotion to promote acceleration of major project; focus on reform and innovation to promote explosion of market vitality; focus on global coordination to promote municipal coordinated development; focus on pollution control to promote green development; focus on strict Party governance to promote political ability.


As a city focusing on military industry, civil-military integration becomes the sally port for high-quality development of the city. To create characteristic industry for hundred-billion civil-military integration, six civil-military integration industry parks including Sanjiang Industry Park, Aerospace and Heavy Industry Equipment Industry Park, Central China Photoelectric Industry Park, Hanguang Technology Photoelectric Industry Park, Dawu Wuchuan Heavy Industry Park, and Beidou Industry Park will be predominately built in Xiaogan.


Upgrade traditional industry. Focus in the city is put on cultivating artificial intelligence, high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation of information technology, new material, biological medicine and other emerging industries. It will be preliminarily built into an important intelligent equipment industry park, optoelectronics information industry base in the country in three years, forming prototype for a ten-billion-yuan-level production bases of new energy vehicles.