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Satisfy People’s Expectation and Supplement Short Functional Slab

Intelligent Farmers’ Market Project Introduced to Xiaogan from Wuhan


On May 18, Xiaogan Wuhan-Xiaogan Integration Office organized related principals of Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Land, Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Planning and Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Commerce to Wuhan Longma Investment Group to carry out investment promotion with regard to construction of intelligent farmers’ market project in Dongcheng District and focus on supplementing the short slab of urban function in Xiaogan.


The Investment Promotion Group investigated Huaxiansheng Pedlars’ Market and Hemaxiansheng on the site to learn about operation condition and industry status of intelligent farmers’ market. Then the group made detailed communication with management team of Wuhan Longma Investment Group with regard to intelligent farmers’ market project to further clarify project investment scale, site selection of construction land, implementation path and other details.


It is learned that on April 17, Wuhan Longma Investment Group was invited to investigate Xiaogan and investment intent was agreed at once. Next, Wuhan Longma Investment Group will refine land use demand, accelerate preparation of project investment proposal to be submitted to Xiaogan. Xiaogan Wuhan-Xiaogan Integration Office will spare no efforts to provide follow-up and coordination services to ensure that the project can be built earlier and common people can benefit from it earlier.