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“Ten-Focuses and Ten-Promotions” to Release New Strong Energy

6 over 10-Billion Projects Settled in Xiaogan


On June 26, Information Office of Provincial Government held the 7th Press Conference themed with “keeping earnest entrustment to strive to write a new chapter for high-quality development of Hubei in new era”. It was learned in the meeting that “implementation opinions to boost high-quality development” were introduced in the plenary session of the Municipal Party Committee held in Xiaogan in April this year to define “ten-focuses and ten-promotions” to boost quality reform, efficiency reform and power reform and build a regional growth pole in the whole province.


“Ten-focuses and ten-promotions” are namely to; focus on targeted poverty alleviation to promote comprehensive construction of moderately prosperous society; focus on Wuhan-Xiaogan integration to promote deep and comprehensive integration to Wuhan; focus on military-civilian integration to promote comprehensive activation of military industry advantage; focus on agriculture-tourism-cultivation integration to promote breakthrough development of sound industry; focus on industry upgrading to promote revitalization of real economy; focus on investment promotion to promote acceleration of major project; focus on reform and innovation to promote release of market vitality; focus on all-region coordination to promote municipal coordinated development; focus on pollution prevention to promote green and sustainable development; focus on strictly governing the Party to promote improvement of political ability. 


Based on high-quality development, Xiaogan accelerated transformation between new and old kinetic energies, implemented technical innovation engineering of “over one thousand enterprises with investment of over 100 billion yuan” step by step”, boosted transformation and upgrading of traditional industry; built an important intelligent equipment industry base, optoeletronics information industry base and new energy car production base in the country and led manufacturing industry to step to medium-high ends. Xiaogan further deepened reform of “decentralization, combination of decentralization and management, service optimization” and implemented capacity defect acceptance, settlement within definite time, construction followed by acceptance to make the establishment time of enterprise no more than 8.5 business days.


“Ten-focuses and ten-promotions” to release new strong energy. In the first half year, there were 117 over 100-million projects with contracts newly signed in Xiaogan and 6 over 10-billion projects were settled in Xiaogan. From January to May, there were 142 newly commenced projects with investment over 100 million in Xiaogan, doubling than last year; industrial growth rate of added value of enterprises above designated scale in the whole city was 8.4%, ranking the third in the whole province; year-on-year growth rate of fixed asset investment was 8.5%; local general public budget income was 6.5 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth rate of 15%. The economy was expected to rise stably from the bottom.