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On July 3, the journalist learned from Wanshan Company of Sanjiang Aerospace that by the end of June, the first ±1100KV extra-high voltage converter transformer in the world was commissioned in Xinjiang and what succeeds in carrying the “giant” transformer is exactly WS series of hydraulic composite trailer developed and produced by Wanshan Company.
The ±1100KV converter transformer is the first complete set of product in the world, 33m in length, 12m in width and 18.5m in height. The unit capacity is up to 607500 KVA, 20% higher than the highest record of transmission capacity in the world at present.
WS series of hydraulic composite trailer belongs to transport vehicle for heavy goods and can travel on the highway through traction of tractor. Its maximum vehicle speed can be up to 80km/h. It is composed of transport cart of 2-axis to 8-axis modules which can be horizontally and vertically spliced to satisfy transportation demands of goods with different shapes and weights.


In 2008, Wanshan Company of Sanjiang Aerospace entered into the field of modular hydraulic composite trailer and successively developed heavy-cargo transportation products with various categories and series, being the only manufacturer producing the whole series of self-propelled modules and hydraulic composite trailers in the country and making contribution to revitalizing national equipment manufacturing industry and boosting overall progress of logistics enterprises. Transport Cart with Hydraulically-driven Modules formulated by Wanshan Company is approved as the standard in auto industry.


At the end of May, 2015, as for 3.6m 14-axis hydraulic trailer delivered to China Special Article Logistics by Wanshan Company of Sanjiang Aerospace, after 2 days’ transportation, the first 350t large transformer was successfully transported to Lijiang in Yunnan. Transport carts travelled along sky ways with many sharp turns and high altitude and haul distance in the mountainous area is up to 60km, with the highest altitude of 2700m and the maximum drop of nearly 1400m. Long-distance downhill path with sharp turn is nearly 2800m. The transportation difficulty under such complicated road condition has broken the transportation record of the company.


On January 26, 2015, certain super-huge equipment with unit net weight of 719 tons was successfully transported to the destination with hydraulic composite trailer produced by Wanshan Company. Total length for land transportation of the “giant” hydrogenation reactor undertaken by hydraulic composite trailer produced by Wanshan Company of Sanjiang Aerospace is 45km and vehicles transporting the equipment have 420 wheels, with total length over 75m, setting a new record in long-distance heavy-cargo highway transportation in the whole province.