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On July 3, a special meeting was held in Xiaogan Shuangfeng Mountain Tourism and Resort Zone to make deployment for fully boosting high-quality tourism development of Shuangfeng Mountain, seize opportunities, target at the objective of creating a provincial tourism and resort zone this year and building a national tourism and resort zone in 2020, take actions according to the graph of evaluation standard for national and provincial tourism and resort zone hung on the wall, focus on six tourism elements, “eating, living, travel, tourism, purchase, entertainment” and comprehensively improve industry scale and benefit.


The zone insists on “focusing on projects” to develop projects according to graph hung on the wall. As for projects under construction, including Hot Spring Hotel, “integration of four paths” Zhongyuan, Yiyuan and eastern line, camping on the way, principals have been determined according to “five-based management” and advancement nodes and completion time have been listed. As for projects under the process, including Oriental Louvre, Filial Piety Culture Park, Eastern Garden, the zone has accelerated negotiation process to strive to complete these projects as soon as possible.
At the same time, efforts are made to enhance responsibility for investment promotion and all people participate in investment promotion. The zone closely follows Wuhan and is generally positioned at recreation, cultural tourism and vacation. According to overall layout and functional zoning of many groups, it implements large-scale investment promotion strategy and formulates reward measures to give high rewards to organizations and individuals providing clues of investment promotion and making achievements in investment promotion.
In addition, the zone also enhances marketing management and improves scale effect. It deepens integration of Wuhan-Xiaogan tourism, deeply develops the large tourism market in Wuhan, boosts tourism in Shuangfeng Mountain, adds popularity and increases income. In addition, it consolidates the relationship with Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Scenic Spot, and enhances cooperation with all travel agencies in Wuhan. On the basis of general tourism card, it expands cooperation scope for mutual benefit. Furthermore, it insists on promoting tourism by law, enhances regular supervision for hotels, agritourism and other tourism industries, optimizes services and improves tourists’ satisfaction degree and market popularity.
In the aspect of accelerating construction of intelligent scenic area, the zone sets up baseline thought, safeguards safety in the scenic spot, realizes overall coverage of full-region electronic monitoring and prohibits private vehicles to travel to the mountain. In addition, it sets up the awareness of full-year and all-weather forest fire prevention to ensure three-zero objective of “zero fire behavior, zero fire alarm and zero accident” of forest fire prevention. Furthermore, it consolidates safety construction achievements in the first half year, actively explores to establish “safety + assurance” working mechanism, continuously makes more efforts in publicity and focuses on creating the scenic spot with the most sense of security.