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94 “Bosses” Are Newly Increased on the Average Daily in Xiaogan

Total Number of Enterprises Exceeds 50 Thousand and 102 People Have One Enterprise on the Average


A series of reform measures, including changing payment method of registered capital from paid-in mode to subscription mode, “business license preceding certificates”, “27 certificates integrated into one” do not only drastically reduce institutional costs of enterprise development, but also make the enthusiasm for mass entrepreneurship and innovation increase. Data show that from January to June this year, there are 16875 newly-registered market entities and average daily increase number of “bosses” is 94. There are 4855 newly-registered enterprises and total capitals are 21.11 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth rates of 3.7% and 35.73%.


By the end of June, there are 259,800 market entities in the whole city and total capitals are 228.226 billion yuan, respectively increasing by 5% and 11.05% than those at the end of last year. At present, the total number of enterprises in the whole city exceeds 50 thousand to be 50671, which means that every 102 people in Xiaogan have an enterprise on the average with total registered people in the whole at the end of 2017 being 5.1919 million.


With one window for acceptance and materials declared on the Internet, it only takes one day to complete all formalities required by enterprise registration. After obtaining the business license, Zhang Yanglian, the legal person of Hubei Chengyue Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. said “I can’t believe it” for three times: “previously, if we want to obtain the business license, we have to go to the industry and commerce department, quality supervision department, tax department, banking department and other authorities. It takes one month. Now we only need to go to the industry and commerce window of municipal service center for government affairs and provide a set of materials. It can be completed at one time. Indeed, it is more convenient than before. The enterprise can put more energy on operation.”


Li Lin, the Section Chief of Registration Branch of Xiaogan Administration for Industry & Commerce introduced that, for 4 years since implementation of commercial system reform, the industry and commerce department has changed 36 sets of application forms involving 19 departments to 1 set and shortened the license-handling period from previous 20 days to 3 days. The problem of repeated submittal of enterprise materials and repeated going to departments has been effectively solved.
A series of reform and registration thresholds have been basically “eliminated” and the payment method of registered capital has been changed from paid-in mode to subscription mode. The threshold of registered capital has been cancelled. Therefore, the capital problem troubled entrepreneurs has been readily solved, drastically stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation vitality of the whole society.


Data show that the top three industries involving the number of newly-registered private enterprises in the whole city are respectively wholesaling and retailing industry, service industry and manufacturing industry, accounting for 56% of total number of newly-registered private enterprises and proving obvious boosting effect of “decentralization, combination of delegation and management, service optimization” reform on the tertiary industry.
It is learned that Xiaogan Administration for Industry & Commerce will continuously deepen commercial system reform, boost reform and innovation of market supervision and focus on optimizing operation environment through carrying out “separation of license and certificate”, deepening “integration of 36 certificates” and comprehensively implementing electronization of enterprise registration.