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Great Achievements Are Made during Cooperation Between the Central and Local Enterprises

Contracts of 15 Projects with Total Investment Over 50 Billion Yuan Are Signed in Xiaogan


On August 17, the 3rd Summer Investment and Development Forum for Central Enterprises of Investment Association of Central SOEs & Central and Provincial Enterprises Going to Hubei Xiaogan Activity was held in Xiaogan. Contracts of 15 projects with total investment of 50.24 billion yuan were signed, with significant boosting effect on enhancing and improving dominant industry, improving industry chain and accelerating cultivation of new kinetic energy in Xiaogan.


Contracts of 15 projects were signed. Investment of each project is over 100 million yuan, with high investment intensity, optimal industry structure and good expected benefit, involving urban development, auto parts, environmental protection, financing, new energy and other fields. The investment amount of 6 projects, including Strategic Cooperation Project of Central and Local Enterprises, Coordinated Development Fund Project of Central and Local Enterprises, Renovation Project of Shanty Areas in High-tech Zone, Dicastal Automobile Hub Project, New Environmentally-friendly Fund Project and Hubei Gaocheng Huanfeng Venture Capital Fund Project all reaches or surpasses 1 billion yuan.


Xiaogan has always focused on cooperation between central and provincial enterprises and has signed contracts of over 50 cooperation projects with over 20 central and provincial enterprises including China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited, China Guodian Corporation, China General Nuclear Power Group, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, Sinopec Group, China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., China South Industries Group Co., Ltd., China Communications Construction Company Limited, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Poly Group, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Hubei Provincial Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hubei United Investment Group, Hubei Eco-cultural Tourism Investment Company. The cooperation fields cover high-end equipment manufacturing, military-civilian integration, modern commerce and logistics, new energy, new material, information technology, urban infrastructure and other fields. 


Since this year, Xiaogan has been insisting on taking investment promotion and project construction as “No. 1 engineering” to boost high-quality economic development and long-term strategy to enhance subsequent potential, focusing on central enterprises, state-owned enterprises directly subordinate to the province, and industrial leaders with regard to military-civilian integration, auto parts, high-end household papers and other competitive industries, sticking to the investment promotion measures of “three-attractions and three-replacements”, pursuing the working concept of “project foremost”, enhancing “five-oriented” management mechanism, sparing no efforts to create the development environment of highlighting, stabilizing, caring and developing business and continuously endeavoring to attract investment to make great achievements. From January to July, there were 134 new projects with contract value over 100 million yuan and total investment of 311.54 billion yuan, injecting strong momentum to expand dominant industry, develop emerging industry and boost high-quality development in Xiaogan.