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Hubei Engineering University is a general undergraduate university that has been established by People's Government of Hubei Province. The University is located in the sub-center city of Wuhan City Circle---Xiaogan City. It has convenient transportation system and obvious regional advantages for it distance of about 50km away from Wuhan City, and 30km away from Tianhe International Airport; what’s more, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Wuhan High-speed Rail, Beijing-Hong Kong- Macao Highway, as well as National Road No. 107 and 316 pass through the city.

The University witnessed a long history since its establishment. Its predecessor is the Third Normal School of Hubei Province, which was established in 1943; it has been developed through several phases, including Xiaogan University, Wuhan Teachers College-Xiaogan Branch, Xiaogan Teachers’ College, and Xiaogan Institute. It was changed into the name of Hubei Engineering University in December, 2011 under the approval of Ministry of Education after incorporating Hubei Polytechnic Institute (Normal Specialized Postsecondary College, whose predecessor was South China Agricultural University-Xiaogan Branch) and Southern Rural and Urban Construction School (also called Xiaogan Building Engineering School).

The University has excellent conditions for schooling. The beautiful lake scenery, pretty willows, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers within the University has created a wonderful and ideal place for students to study. The University covers an area of 1,700mu, including 700,000km2 of school building area; the teaching apparatus and equipment values more than 100 million Yuan. The University also established complete public service systems. The library of the University has collected 2.09 million volumes of books (including 800,000 volumes of e-books), more than 2,000 kinds of periodicals, as well as opening up 6 major e-book resources, including China National Knowledge Internet (CNKI). Hubei Engineering University Journal that has been issued in domestic and overseas is the excellent periodical in Hubei Province, and it has been awarded the honor of “Top 100 Social Sciences Journal” for 4 successive times; in 2002, it ascended the “Core Journal of Chinese Humanities and Social Science Journal” Rank, and was awarded the special characteristic column of “Research on Piety Culture of China”.

The University has actively promoted “One majority two wings and multilevel open school-running model” reform. It focuses on general undergraduate education, develops postgraduate education and adult vocational education, implements multilevel opening-up school-running model, serves the domestic and foreign society. Currently, it has established 15 faculties, and they are Faculty of Literature, Journalism and Communication, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Politics and Law (College of Marxism), Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Faculty of International Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Physical and Electronic Information Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Material Science, Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology (Agricultural Faculty), Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Faculty of Urban Construction, and Faculty of Physical Education. It has also established an independent college, which is the New Technology Faculty of Hubei Engineering University. It has 25,000 registered students, including students in New Technology Faculty.

The University enhances corporation with schools, enterprises and local organizations. Wuhan University, Central China Normal University and Hubei University have established postgraduate education base in the University since 2009. It has signed Framework Protocol of Xiaogan to Develop Xiaogan University with the People’s Government of Xiaogan to jointly build Hubei New Countryside Development Institute and has established university–local organs corporation relationship with Guangshui City, etc. To enhance industry-college-research corporation, it has signed industry-college-research cooperation agreement with tens of enterprises such as China Sanjiang Space Group. In terms of foreign cooperation and communication, the University has signed exchange and cooperation agreement in running school with more than ten universities from Britain and the U.S., starting international cooperation programs in running school of full-time college and university. Since it admits international students from over ten countries, a group of foreign students has been admitted to attend the University.

The University has set a variety of subjects with specialized programs. Key (cultivated) subjects of Hubei Province are set for the University, e.g. Agricultural Resources and Environment, Materials Science and Engineering, Education Science, Optical Engineering, Plant Sciences, etc; under-construction master's degree level programs, e.g. Educational Principle, Photology, Organic Chemistry, Plant Sciences, etc; programs with a position for “Chutian Scholar”, e.g. Plant Sciences, Organic Chemistry, Optical Engineering, Educational Principle, Agricultural Resources and Environment, Plant Protection, Crop Science, Materials Science, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, etc. The University has set 62 undergraduate majors, covering 10 fields such as economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, agronomy, medicine and management and art. The University implements chief responsibility system of major construction and professor responsibility system of major construction. Its chemistry, biological science and gardening programs are characteristic specialties of institutions of higher learning nationwide; electronic information science and technology is the national comprehensive pilot reform program; electronic information science and technology, chemistry, biological science and gardening are undergraduate brand specialties at provincial level; materials chemistry is the specialty planning project of strategic emerging industry at provincial level. The University has established a disincline system with engineering features, which is integrated with science, industry and agriculture for harmonious development of literature, economics, education, management, law, art and medical science and conformable to regional economy and social development.

There are plenty of teachers in the University, including 1370 teaching and administrative staff, among which 1010 of them are full-time teachers, 870 teachers granted with doctor’s or master’s degree, and 427 teachers with high-grade professional title. It has established 3 provincial teaching teams and 8 scientific research innovation teams, with 23 national model teachers, winners of special allowance from the State Council and provincial government, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution in Hubei Province, teachers selected in Hubei High-level Talents Project of New Century, famous teachers of Hubei and prominent teachers of Hubei. It has hired 90 famous experts and scholars to take the post of part-time (guest) professor, such as Li Wuwei, Vice Chairman of the 11th CPPCC and the famous economist and Chi-Chih Yao, the world-famous computer scientist, academician of the House and academician of foreign nationality of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The University has been hiring foreign teachers and experts to teach and assign prominent teachers to study, work and give lectures abroad.

The various platforms of the University provide strong support capacity of teaching and scientific research. Currently, there are Hubei Key Laboratories of Safety Control of Special Fruits and Vegetables Quality, Biomass Resource Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnology and Crop Diseases Monitoring and Safety Control; also, Hubei Small-town Development and Research Center, Research Center of Chinese Filial Piety Culture, Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Hubei Colleges and Universities of Hubei Small and Micro Businesses Development and Research Center; besides, Hubei Transformation and Collaborative Innovation Center of Biomass Resources, Hubei New Countryside Development and Research Institute, Postgraduate Educational Innovation Base of Hubei Province, Research and Development Center of Building Water-proofing Materials of Research and Development Center of Provincial School-enterprise Cooperation etc., 11 provincial platforms in total. In addition, there are 1 state-level and 1 provincial-level Off-campus Practical Teaching Base of College Student as well as provincial experiment teaching demonstration center of electrical and electronic, chemical elementary course, computer, life science and technology and so on. 47 Basic and professional laboratories, 11 experimental platforms and open innovation and practice bases to cultivate the student capacity for scientific research and 148 agreement specialty practice bases have been set up. A series of platforms directly received the special funds support of Central Finance.

The University advocates various styles of learning and keeps improving talent cultivation quality. It takes talent cultivation as the basic task, quality of education as the lifeline, actively develops the reform of diversified talent cultivation modes and fosters more than 100 thousand senior talents with specialized background, excellent practical competence, good comprehensive quality, innovative spirit and social adaptation skills; they are highly praised by employers and the society. In recent years, the pass rate in the graduate school entrance examination always has always been over 17%. The employment rate of graduates has always been over 90%. The University is evaluated as “Pioneer of Employment of University Graduates in Hubei Province”. The students made many excellent achievement in  professional competitions, such as thesis contest for applying the bachelor’s degree in Hubei Province and national electronic design for college students, college English, mathematical modeling, intelligent car model, artistic designing, etc.

The University insists on the educational philosophy of “people first, take high teaching quality as the basis; keep a foothold in local, highlight the features; respect study and advocate skills, follow innovative development”, adheres to the motto of “Bing strict in study, being honest in behavior” and sticks to carry out six development strategies of “Strengthening the school with high teaching quality, excellent talents, scientific teaching research, managing the university with laws, repute the university with specialty, vigorize the university by opening up”. All works achieved the significant development. Social reputation has been improved obviously. It is repeatedly awarded the title of “Best Civilized University” by Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Government for six times. Currently, the University is making further effort to improve the conditions for offering education, expand the university spirit, try hard to foster features, enhance the education and teaching quality and the schooling level and work toward the goal to build a high-level, characteristic, influential and new-type engineering university.

(Updated in May 2014)