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As an independently-established comprehensive public full-time higher vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education, Hubei Polytechnic Institute is situated in Wuhan City Circle and located in the city-Xiaogan, which is reputed for its convenient traffic, beautiful scenery and Chinese filial piety culture.

Hubei Polytechnic Institute is a national exemplary higher vocational college, national high technician model training base, national high vocational college employment model college, the optimum civilized college in Hubei, pioneer of party construction in Hubei, advanced ideological and political education college of higher education, the first batch of university students’ entrepreneur model base in Hubei, Hubei entrepreneur incubation model base, and an pioneering college serving Hubei economic and social development, etc.

The Institute occupies an area of 1574 mu with 568,000㎡ of school building area and more than 1 million volumes of library books. It now has 845 full-time teachers, including 316 teachers of sub-senior and intermediate professional title, 5 staff who are either subsidized by the State Council, reputed as young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Hubei Province or provincial model workers; 7 teaching steering committee experts of national higher vocational college, 4 higher vocational college evaluation experts of Ministry of Education, 1 Hubei top teacher, 13 Chutian skilled teachers and 61 visiting professors.

The Institute insists on implementation of diversified “Institute-Enterprise-Society” open school running model, and exploration of the talent training mode of “specialty-occupation integrated, academic performance-post incorporated” to establish a technology innovation park and build a new style of university-enterprise cooperation by the school site and school enterprise. It has set up 1 teaching and reforming experimental program of national level, 12 key programs of provincial level, 4 teaching teams of provincial level, 8 key construction experimental training bases of provincial level, 9 excellent courses of national level, and 26 excellent courses of provincial level, where the excellent courses of national level rank the first among colleges of the same type in Hubei. Among them, 3 programs are included in the Hubei emerging (pillar) industry base project, 2 programs are central finance supported of professional service industrial project of higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education, and 3 programs are listed in the 1st batch of professional teaching resource database construction of the Ministry of Education.

The Institute has established the Hubei Nursing Vocational Education Group and Vocational Education Alliance of Wuhan City Circle. In recent years, there have been three scientific and technical achievements respectively awarded the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, the third prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, and the first prize of Hubei Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress. There are 7 achievements awarded Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Rewards, including 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 3 third prizes; students have won more than 150 prizes in skills competitions above provincial level such as the National Skills Competition of Vocational Colleges and National Mechanical Innovative Design Competition for the College Students, and dual-certificate acquisition ratio reaches 98.27%; in recent three years, the average graduate employment rate has reached 93.59%, and the rate in 2013 was 95.39%.

The Institute insists on the school motto of “Being virtuous and innovative, enjoying studying and working”, focuses on exploration of Chinese filial piety culture, and adheres to the education plan of integrated Chinese filial piety culture and innovative and entrepreneurial culture to cultivate technical and skilled talents with “Grateful, responsible, loyal and dedicated” quality and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Representatives include Tan Zhiping, the national moral model and deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress; Yan Wenjing, the Party Representative of the 18th CPC National Congress and winner of National May 1st Labor Medal and National “March 8th” Red-banner Pacesetter; Wei Diren, the award nominee of national moral model; Yu Hanjiang, the national “Chinese Filial Piety” model; Du Fangfang, the “Star of National Filial Piety”; Zuo Dehan, “Best People in China”; Yu Zhiling, the best teacher donating marrow and the “Top Ten People Who Inspired Xiaogan in 2013”, Zhu Desheng, brave in undertaking social responsibility, and Wang Haiwei, the star of national innovative undertaken by university students have emerged, which forms “Moral stars” and “Entrepreneurial stars”.

The Institute also insists on running school by opening to the outside world. It has extended wide communication and cooperation with similar institutions in USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Norway and other countries, and has become an important window of reform and development and opening to the outside world for Wuhan City Circle.