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Located in Chengzhan Road No. 32 and established in 1960, Wenchang Middle School in Xiaogan City is a complete middle school developed on the basis of “Bayi Primary School” founded by the 15th Airborne Troop where Huang Ji-guang, a super hero, served during his lifetime. To this day, the school has experienced a history of more than half a century.

Having gone through a journey full of wind and rain for over 50 years, Wenchang Middle School has, just like a loving mother, nurtured a large number of students form generation to generation, and provided the society with numerous leavers, many of whom became the pillars for China and influential men of their times afterwards; at the same time, it cultivated a large number of top teachers reputed inside and outside the province. 

Since it entered the 21st century, Wenchang Middle School has based its previous glorious history to make still further progress, and was giving full play to its demonstration effect as a municipal-level school.

At present, there are 56 classes, 3300 students and 193 in-service teachers in total in Wenchang Middle School (Early Middle). Of the teachers, there are 8 with master’s degree and 179 with bachelor’s degree, including 1 state-level expert, 2 experts who made special contribution to Xiaogan City, one “121 high-level talent”, 6 special-class teachers, 101 senior teachers, 4 core teachers at provincial level, 11 academic leaders at provincial and municipal level, as well as 80 teachers who have obtained the qualification of psychological consultant.

With excellent talent resources, the school has not only won the title in high school entrance examination in Xiaogan City for many years, but also taken the lead in construction of teaching staff and campus culture in the whole city.

Remarkable achievements have been made in standardized construction of the school campus. The school has not only set up the high-level music room, painting room, robot activity room, craft room, computer room and well-equipped physics-chemistry-biology laboratory, but also devoted greater effort to environmental protection in construction, installed the two-way electronic display, completed the monitoring system, finished the class bantone project, upgraded the campus broadcasting system, improved the green coverage ratio, and completed the school gate decoration.

Wenchang Middle School has experienced ups and downs, cultural deposits for 50 years and formed the campus culture with special characteristics of Wenchang.

In recent years, the school has made joint effort of everyone and outstanding achievements in every aspect of work and won good reputation from superior leaders and all sectors of the society. In 2012, the school received more than 30 honors at state provincial and municipal level.

Department of Senior Middle Students (Foreign Language School of Great Talents) is located in intersection of Nanda Development Zone 107 and 316 National Road, with a campus area of 120 mu and floor area of 50,000m2. Office building, teaching building, dormitory building for teachers and staff, as well as dormitory building for students are set up there, with 33 teaching classes and more than 2300 students. Being a privately-run full-time high school, it has won awards in college entrance examination, such as “the leading school in number of PE and Art students above the provincial passing score” and “ordinary high school with higher overall enrollment rate”, etc.