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Founded in 1958, Xiaogan Experimental Primary School, covering an area of 2 acres, now plays the experimental, exemplary and radiating role in primary school education of Xiaogan and becomes an influential school in Hubei province. The school currently has 69 classes, 4511 students and 181 faculties, of whom there is 1 provincial excellent teacher, 4 special-class teachers, 18 advanced middle school teachers and 28 leading teachers and subject leaders at national, provincial and municipal levels. 98 percent of the teachers are college or above certificate holders. The school has won over one hundred honorary titles, such as “ the First 600 National Excellent School”, “the National Excellent Parent School”, “the Provincial Civilized Unit”, “ the Provincial Advanced Unit for the Construction of Staff Professional Ethics”, “ the Provincial Advanced School of Young Pioneers”, “the First 50 of Comprehensive Strength” and “ the Provincial Excellent School of Teaching Reform”.

Half a century’s development of the school enables the faculties to devote themselves to teaching with a pioneering spirit. Guided by the theory of scientific development, the school takes the pursuit of students’ moral integrity and the truth of education as the ideal, takes improving education and teaching quality and satisfying people as the goal, takes comprehensive quality evaluation as the guideline, takes the construction of teaching staff as the center and takes the motivational measures as the principles to establish the distinctive style of study and teaching, which makes all the kids diligent, active and happy and qualifies the teachers with devotion, preciseness and self-cultivation. The school always gives priority to students’ moral education, focuses on teaching, reinforces teachers’ training and promotes school-based research. Under such gradually improved management system, the school makes great achievements. The learning and teaching environment is increasingly improved, which paves the way for the connotation construction and scientific development of the school.

Recently, the school combines the deep culture accumulation with the spirit of the times to vigorously advocate the campus culture, and make it spread to every corner of the school. The school gets notable achievements in standardizing the action of running a school and pays special attention to moral education and carries forward the essence of traditional piety. As a result, two students attended the National Congress of Young Pioneers and cordially met with the state leaders. The school perseveres in the development through education and scientific research and forms the trinity system scheme of “teaching, experiment and scientific research”. There are more than 300 rewards awarded for excellently teaching subjects, teachers’ academic thesis and so on. The school establishes “management quality and benefit” as the pattern of management, promotes teachers’ quality, pays close attention to conventional management of teaching and carries out quality education. The steady increase in the quality of teaching and the high comprehensive quality of students are widely acknowledged by the society. Good teaching facilities lay a firm foundation for further carrying out quality education.

 In order to realize the sustainable development, the school will continue to carry out the theory of scientific development to comprehensively promote the connotation construction and make the school become “the Best Provincial Civilized Unit”.