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Long history
The Comprehensive Senior High School of Xiaogan City is a pioneering senior middle school of municipal level, which boasts over 60 years history starting from its establishment. The School possesses more than 3500 in-class students who are grouped into 52 teaching classes. To the west is the coach center and its east is adjacent to Huaiyin Park. In addition, the School is highly accessible from all directions, with lush woods and trimmed bamboos contrasting finely with each other to present the best. It is safe to say the School is located in the bustling but without uproar, in the downtown but close to the schooling area. This is a paradise for teenagers to carries forward their dreams, ideal and pursuits as well as the best place for morality cultivation and knowledge.  


Well-equipped infrastructure
The School is well-equipped with complete services. There are 3 teaching buildings, 5 dormitory buildings, versatile student canteen, standardized playground and football field with artificial grass. Full-range monitoring devices are installed on campus. The classrooms are also equipped with “class-to-class” multimedia devices. Fans are installed in each dormitory. Ground heat system is introduced. Each dormitory building has laundry room where automatic card-swiping washing machines can be found. 24-hour hot-cold water recycling bathrooms are available. In addition, hit drinking water room and hot water room are also available to students. Self-service bank is introduced.


Competitive faculty
There are 270 teaching faculties, among which 77 are senior teachers, 3 are national exceptional teachers, 8 are backbone teachers of Hubei Province, 16 are backbone teachers of Xiaogan and 38 are exceptional teachers of Xiaogan.


Education and teaching
The School adheres to educational concept of “being good people, reading good books and selecting right path” and, considering differences of personal interests and potential of students, educate students based on their different personalities and teach students based on their own academic levels. The School attaches importance to cultural quality and good news keeps pouring in about enrollments of first, second and third tier universities. Specialty education finds its way with art, music, sports and media specialty students catching the spotlight. With combination of vocational and ordinary education, the fast track of vocational secondary school entrance examination helps you gain an edge, providing the best platform for all levels and assorts of students to pursue further study in ideal universities.


Teaching administration
(1) Facilitate administration through Internet. The school sets up the student video chatting room, class blogs and parents QQ group to construct an online communication platform and to strengthen three-in-one administrative system of “school-parents-society”.
(2) Facilitate administration through activities. To enrich extra-curriculum life of students, there are many student groups mushrooming in school. To give care to special students, mental consultation office is established in the school.
 (3) Facilitate administration through culture. To enable students to absorb quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, to improve ideological level of students and to regulate students’ daily behavior, the school newly sets up its own textbook curricula such as “Sinology” and “Modern Etiquette”.


Specialty class
To unleash the specialty students’ potential to the largest extent, the School sets up specialty classes for music, sports, art, gymnastics and so on. More than 500 exceptional students from specialty classes have been enrolled by universities such as HUST, Wuhan University, Southwest University, Hunan University, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and some other universities.


School-running achievements
The School has been awarded the “Winner Prize of Undergraduate Qualification for College Entrance Examination of Xiaogan” and “Winner Prize of Sports and Art Category Enrollment for College Entrance Examination of Xiaogan” for nine consecutive years by Xiaogan Education Bureau for its performance in university entrance examination. Number of qualified students for the first and second tier universities lead in Xiaogan. The School has been awarded honorary titles such as “Paradigm of Hubei ‘New Curriculum Reform”, “Best Site for Examination of Hubei Province”, “Advanced Organization for Hygiene of Hubei Province”, “Civil Organization of Xiaogan”, “Advanced School of Xiaogan”, and “10 Best Safe Campus” among others.

In the past decade, the School has helped more than 300 talents to be enrolled by national key universities such as Wuhan University, Lanzhou University, HUST, CCNU and Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Address: No. 100 of Huaiyin Road, Xiaogan
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