Hubei Huancheng Investment Co., Ltd

Established in: July 2010
Registered capital: 10 million yuan
Founders: Qin Yingwu, Hu Ji’an, Qin Honglei
Concept of the Company: promote the urban development through the development of   excellent large-scale comprehensive real estate projects
Achievement: successively develop and construct over 2 million square meters of residential, business and industrial properties; the main founder of the Company has successfully operated Wuzhou Building Materials Town and other large-scale commercial projects.

Hubei Huancheng Investment Co., Ltd was founded in July, 2010, with the registered capital being 100 million yuan, and the legal representative of the company is Qing Yingwu. The company is planning to invest 9 billion yuan to build the biggest logistics project in Xiaogan, Hubei Province- Huancheng South International Logistics (Xiaogan) Shopping Mall. This project has been listed as a key logistics project in the Twelfth Five-year development plan of Hubei Province.

The mission of Hubei Huancheng Investment Co., Ltd is to create value for the society, create benefit for the enterprise and create fortune for the employees. Hubei Huancheng Investment Co., Ltd will, with the assigned merchant, expand the market, operate the market and manage the market, as well as to build South International Logistics (Xiaogan) Shopping Mall into the best one for logistics in the whole country.

For the three years, with the implementation of project-Xiaogan South International Logistics Shopping Mall, Hubei Huancheng Investment Co., Ltd has attracted various excellent people from Wuhan, Xiaogan and even the whole country, the staff number expanded to 140 rapidly, which is still increasing.

The company, guided by “Talent Cultivation” (people-oriented), is building the excellent professional market group brand of “Huancheng South International Logistics Shopping Mall”, taking the example by chain development patterns in retail business, keeping a foothold in Xiaogan and “8+1” urban circle and promoting gradually the brand and operation pattern of “Huancheng South International Logistics Shopping Mall” to the whole country.