Dayu Electric Polytron Technologies Inc.

Dayu Electric Polytron Technologies Inc. is a national high-tech company, which is mainly engaged in the soft start of various media and large motors and R&D, design and manufacturing operations of frequency control devices and electric system power compensation device, high and low voltage complete equipment, electron device and other key industrial electrical products, and its market share of 10000KW high-power soft start products ranks the first over the country. Its products are widely used in metallurgy, petrifaction, mine, ship, building materials and other fields and also exported to Europe, South America, Asian and Africa. From its establishment in 1997, Dayu Electric was highly praised by users by means of good product quality and superior services.

The Company establishes three production bases in Xiaogan which is only 50km from Wuhan with the land area of about 500mu and a floor area of over100,000 square meters, of which the two plant areas are about 20,000㎡ with complete CNC machining equipment and detection equipment. An R&D center of above 2500㎡ is established in East Lake High-tech Development Zone in Wuhan, and above 20 offices are established in each central city across the country and a marketing network covering the whole country is formed.

The Company is a “Test Unit of National Company Intellectual Property” and establishes “Hubei Motor Soft Start Engineering Technology Center” and the first private company “Academician Expert Workstation” in Hubei. Its leading products are classified as “National Key New Product” and continue to hold the post of “Hubei Name Brand” for three times and continuously rated as “Top Ten Soft Starter Brand” for many years by designers, and “Dayu” trademark is a Chinese well-known trademark, in addition, the company is continuously rated as “Company of Good Creditworthiness” by Hubei Provincial People’s Government.

The Company attaches great importance to corporate humanism and takes the piety culture as the subject of company responsibility culture and the “carrying forward Dayu spirits, jointly creating bright future” as mission to realize the goal of “jointly developing harmonious Dayu and sharing development achievements” and improve cohesive force and cultural deposits of the company by “overcoming difficulties and making progress, struggling and dedicating, solidarity and cooperation, pioneering and innovation”. The company was awarded as “Hubei Model Base of Employment for the Handicapped” by Hubei Department of Civil Affairs in 2007 and “the Fourth Nationwide Advanced Group for Supporting and Helping the Handicapped” by the State Council in 2009 , and in 2010, the Company obtained “Twenty-year Contribution Award of Hubei Hope Project” jointly awarded by Hubei Communist Youth League and Hubei Adolescent Development Foundation.

Passion makes contribution to dream and innovation creates great cause. It is a long way to forge hundred years of Dayu, and we look forward to sincere cooperation with friends in each industry so as to jointly develop and create a better future!