Anlu Long-lived Tree Healthcare Product Co., Ltd

Anlu Long-lived Tree Healthcare Product Co., Ltd was established in 1999. It is a planting and manufacturing company which has a gingko base of 2000 mu and three modern equipment lines producing gingko healthcare series products. It is located in the urban area Liyuan Village, Tangdi Town, Anlu City, Hubei Province; in addition, Hankou-Danjingkou Railway, 316 National Highway and Wuhan-Shiyan Highway run through the city, so it has convenient transportation. The land area of the company is 26000㎡ with a registered capital of 45 million yuan. It mainly produces great silver blank tea, gingko pillow, ginkgo nut, ginkgo pistachio, ginkgo leaf and provides seeding, grafted seeding, ginkgo bonsai and ginkgo stump in all kinds of standards and big ginkgo and ancient tree with diameter at breast height above 5cm. Its annual sales are above 65 million yuan and profit and tax of above 6 million yuan. The company has complete financial management system, scientific management tool, excellent production technology and perfect online marketing network and is one of the top one hundred agricultural companies awarded by Hubei Agriculture Department, top one hundred advanced units of food safety over the province and product quality trustworthy organization.

Company address: Liyuan Village, Tangdi Town, Anlu city
Tel: 0712-5262968
Zip code: 432600
Fax: 0712-5250088