Hubei Suya Pink Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Suya pink tea industry is located in the tea plantation of Hongfan Village

Hubei Suya Pink Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd. (formerly Hubei Kanglefu Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd.) is an agricultural science and technology enterprise integrating tea industry research and development, tea garden base construction, tea production and sales, tea culture research communication. Established in May, 2011, with registered capital of 5 million yuan, located in Jinling Village, Xincheng Town, Dawu County, Hubei Province, the hometown of Senior General Xu Haidong, it is a major leading enterprise of agriculture industrialization in Xiaogan City.
The Company has a standard organic tea garden base of 2800 Mu and a modern tea production plant and is equipped with the first refined production line for black tea and green tea with annual production of 3000 tons in Xiaogan to realize independent production of exported tea; it has a production line with daily production of 100kg of brand-name and high-quality flat tea, processing equipment with daily production of 200kg of Tieguanyin, full-automatic tea bag packing machine with daily production of 50 thousand bags and theaflavin and other deep processing equipment. The annual production capacity is 3500 tons. 
The Company recovers and develops red tourism base of Senior General Xu Haidong along with revolutionary descendants of Senior General Xu Haidong to build education base of red tourism, farming experience base in the days of school graduates, cultivation base for ecological breeding of Internet of Things and other tourism centers for tourists to go sightseeing and experience.
The Company independently creates “happy tea farmer” mode, hands in the tea garden to be planted and managed by farmers for free, recycles all fresh leaves, makes farmers directly become rich; deeply cooperates with Shanxi “San’an” Technology Group to build “San’an” super-organic agriculture workstation, jump out of fiercely competing chemical agriculture field of America, Japan, EU and other developed countries, create the development path of modern and natural biological agriculture---San’an super-organic agriculture, exploit competition-free “safe+ high-quality+ fair-price” market space, realize “zero residue of pesticide and veterinary drug” of tea garden, guarantee safe food production, rapidly repair ecological environment and strive to earn foreign exchange through exports.
The Company has built technical promotion center for “producing good tea with good machinery” by relying on technical support of Huazhong Agricultural University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Hubei Engineering University and other technological colleges, pursues the tenet of “technology guides tea opportunity and quality creates reputation” in combination with influence of variety, soil, fertilizer, plantation and other factors on tea quality,  takes the lead to introduce and firstly use the most advanced post-treatment equipment at home and abroad to provide “alcoholization and refinement” treatment of all tea products, strives to produce first-class Dawu green tea, black tea, dark green tea representing regional characteristic tastes of Dawu and affordable to common people and explores a feasible new path for sustainable development of traditional tea industry of Dawu.


In July, 2015, the Company set up suya pink healthy tea experience hall in Danyang Ancient Hall of Xiaogan, cooperated with Fujian Hall of Tea Sage to firstly propose the new concept of “general healthy tea”, and made sub-healthy persons including “high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat, gout, constipation, diabetes mellitus” drink “Jiangjunfu” branded healthy tea produced by the Company for free on trial to benefit society.
Such mode of the Company was recognized and supported by Academician Yuan Longping, a world famous scientist and “father of hybrid rice”, and Professor Shi Zhaopeng, Vice Chairman of ChinaTea Science Society and famous tea science specialist. They respectively wrote inscription “technology flourishes tea industry and greening benefits tea-related persons”, “innovation is the power source of enterprise development” to encourage company colleagues to start business quietly, go ahead steadily and surely to strive to make proper contribution to tea industry development of Dawu.