Hubei Hansi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Hansi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a company for production of functional beverages dominated by biological health products including honeysuckle plant beverage, sea-buckthorn juice, apple vinegar and research and development as well as production of Chinese herbal medicine plantation, seedling reproduction and deep processing. With abundant financial resources, advanced technology, it provides OEM services for many famous brands for the long time. It now has 236 employees, including 18 managers. Registered capital of the Company is 14.6 million yuan and investment amount is RMB 100 million yuan. At present, investment of 70 million yuan has been completed, with floor area of 20 thousand square meters. It now has fixed assets of 35 million yuan and traditional Chinese medicine plantation base of 5000 Mu. At present, the Company has two brands, respectively “Huachun”, “Hanshi” and three production lines for eight series of zip-top can, glass and PET plastic bottle, with annual production of 15 million standard cases (24 bottles/case).


The Company is located in the northeast of beautiful and rich Hubei, close to Hankou-Danjiangkou Railway, Hankou-Shiyan Expressway, and No. 316 National Highway, 80KM away from Wuhan Tianhe Airport, with convenient traffic and smooth information. The Company has advanced process equipment and process and all production equipment is produced by domestic and foreign first-class manufacturer. The Company has built Chinese herbal medicine and seedling cultivation base of 10000 Mu in Hubei Anlu City and Jiangxi Yongxiu County to mainly plant honeysuckle and various traditional Chinese medicines. Medicine plantation is subject to artificial cultivation and weeding to ensure that raw materials are green, safe and pollution-free.


With the operation concept of “inclusion, integrity, dedication, win-win and excellence”, the Company adopts flattening sales system and agent sales model with city as unit. Sale is based on terminal networks of several hundred agents in Central China, east China, south China, southwest China and other regions. There are sales agency networks in provincial capitals of above regions and main prefecture-level cities and sales channels include shopping malls, supermarkets, chain convenient stores, single stores, medical chain stores, single drugstores, catering hotels in the jurisdiction. At present, it has sales terminals of about 5000 supermarkets, 30 thousand convenient stores, 20 thousand drugstores throughout the country.

Company address: No. 8 in the west of Yinxing Avenue, Anlu City, Hubei Province
Hotline: 0712-5898888
Company fax: 0712-5254909