Tasty and delicately produced, “Pan Tongchun” thick broad bean sauce has been a famous local specialty in Makou Town, Hanchuan City, well-known internally and externally in Hubei Province as a fantastic traditional seasoning, since the beginning of early period of the Republic of China.

Sauces in Ximakou have been famous for thousands of years. It is said that in the last years of Qing Dynasty, a man named Pan Tongchun from Shanghai came to Ximakou. He selected small broad beans in Jianghan Plain as an ingredient and another 10 auxiliary spices including local sesame oil, hot pepper, and gingili to make a kind of thick broad bean sauce after delicate processing of frying, fermentation and sunshine and so on, and then he put the sauce in a ceramic crock in Makou, which is of antique beauty, and sold it with the name of “Pan Tongchun ” after years of storage. The sauce tastes spicy with some kind of sweet, which can be both used separately or matched with other seasoning, having a good market in the region of Hanshui and Yangtze River. Due to long history of making sauces among the folk of Hanchuan, “Pan Tongchun” has accumulated lots of experiences during the practice. After years of improvement and development of workmanship, a special manufacturing technology has been formed as well special flavor. With very good broad bean as the main ingredient, it is brewed with high-quality wheat bran. When frying the broad beans, make sure the fire is well-distributed so that the appearance is golden while the inner part has been well cooked; during the immersing of beans, temperature shall be strictly controlled so as to make perfectly mildewed beans, and after the mildew turns golden, take out of the broad beans for drying by sunshine. Six months later, the sauce shall become reddish-brown, which is exactly the time to be put into market. Features of sauces including: finished products are reddish-brown with profound flavor, with no foreign matters in the sauce except apparent fermented broad bean and tasty and nutritious, quite popular with people.

In the beginning of 1988, Hanchuan Sauce Product Factory started to manufacture the traditional product of “Pan Tongchun” again, and took it to the First Food Expo in October the same year. In November, it was rewarded “great achievement” by food industry in Hubei. In May, 1989, it was qualified trademark registration of “Pan Tongchun” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. On 25 November, 1999, it participated in the Fifth International “Food Expo”. On 31 December, 2000, in the Sixth International Food Expo, “Pan Tongchun” became known with people more than from Wuhan, Hubei as one of the brand-new and high-quality native products together with “Lao Ganma” and “Nanquan”. Now, “Pan Tongchun” has settled in “Lao Toncheng” and “Cailinji”, famous eating houses in Wuhan; besides, it has been on sale in provinces, cities or autonomous regions including Sinkiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Beijing and Guangdong. Its packages vary in bottles, bags and cans. The latest species comprise: spicy and hot flavor, shrimp meat flavor, peanut flavor and shredded chicken flavor. High quality and profound history have won the favor of most consumers, which is manifested in one song: “thick broad sauce in Makou, fashion of gifts; Tongchun sauce, bringing wealth and gift.”