The ancient name of yellow flower is Orange Daylily, also called Surprise Lily, Blue Serenity, Yinan and Day Lily. It is of abundant nutrition and for each hectogram, there are 14.1g proteins and 11mg various vitamins and 0.5g fat and 6.7g crude fibers as well as carbohydrate, riboflavin, carotene, sulfate, iron and phosphors and other nutrition that are essential to the body. When adopted in cooking, it turns to be traditional delicacy for feast with its special flavor and attractive appearance as well as its delicious and sweet taste. Yellow flower can also be used as medicine with its effect for anti-inflammation and homeostasis, heat clearing and analgesia, diuresis and detumescence as well as stomach invigorating and lactation promoting and other effects.

Planting area of yellow flower in Hanchuan has reached 20,000 Mu, distributed at Miaotou, Chenghuang, Fenshui, Huayan, Chenhu and other places and the annual output has exceeded over 650,000 Jin (a unit of weight = 1/2 kilogram), of which Miaotou enjoys a reputation of “Name of Three Kinds of Flowers”. The yellow flower planted in Miaotou is elegant in image and fragrant in smell, famous in China and overseas for its fresh and delicious taste. According to Annals of Miaotou, “the yellow flower in Miaotou was first planted in Sui Dynasty and was the tribute of past imperial courts for cuisine, brain, health and skin.” The poet Bai Juyi of Tang Dynasty once wandered to Miaotou and made the eternal quatrains “Dukan can help relieve boredom and yellow flower can help forget unhappiness”. Leading technologies at home and abroad such as “Modern de-enzyme”, “climate drying” and “atmosphere maintenance”, etc. are adopted to process yellow flower refinedly in Hanchuan and the quality of products has reached international advanced level. “Dragon brand” yellow flower won the honorary title of brand-name product in 99 China International Agricultural Exposition. The products sell well in more than fifty large and medium-sized domestic cities, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.