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Work Commenced for the Great Channel of Wuhan City Circle! Wuhan-Xiaogan-Yingcheng Expressway Is Going to Be on the Way

On December 7, Xin’gang Expressway – Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge and Wiring Project commenced, signing the officially launch of construction for the Great Channel of Wuhan City Circle Channel. Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway at this Channel currently has initially completed its preliminary work, which is expected to be commenced for construction within this year.


Located between Wuhan Ring Expressway and Wuhan City Circle R, the Great Channel of Wuhan City Circle Ring Expressway passes through Wuhan, Xiaogan, Xianning, Ezhou, Huanggang and other regions for a mileage about 360km. After its establishment, it will string together 11 districts and counties of 5 major cities in the territory of Wuhan City Circle, shortening the range of driving to 1 hour from the central region of Wuhan City to any of the cities in the Circle.


The Great Channel of Wuhan City Circle is divided into 4 sections of east, south, west and north directions, as well as Xin’gang Expressway – Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge and Paizhouwan Yangtze River Bridge, for which its construction and openness to traffic will be carried out section by section, with 205km under overall plan of construction by Wuhan City, 103km to be constructed by Xiaogan City and 52km to be built by Ezhou City.


The north section is from Huangpi District of Wuhan City and connected to Xinzhou District via Hong’an County of Huanggang City; The east section is connected to Liangzihu District of Ezhou City from Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge; The south section is from Liangzihu District of Ezhou City to Jiangxia District of Wuhan City; The west section connected to Huangpi District of Wuhan City from Caidian District of Wuhan City via Hanchuang City, Yingcheng City and Xiaogan urban area, entirely of which is ring like. Xiaogan Section includes the Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway with its south and north extension lines, of which the Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway with a total length about 34km currently has completed its preliminary work, while its commencement for construction is expected within this year.


When being interviewed by media, Hung Xiangwen, the Secretary of Party Group and General Director of Xiaogan Transportation Bureau, expressed: they will actively make good preliminary preparations for the South and North Extension Line Work of Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway to commence as soon as possible and allow full play to the greatest benefit of the Great Channel.