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Jiufanggou in Dawu Has Been Listed as One of the Wetland Parks in Hubei Province

Recently, the Wetland Center of Hubei Forestry Bureau released the List of Wetland Parks in Hubei Province in 2020, among which Jiufanggou in Dawu has been selected.

It is understood that Jiufanggou Provincial Wetland Park covers an area of about 600 hectares, with Pengdian Reservoir and Fengdian Reservoir as the center, covering Guzhai Fortress of Jiufanggou, an ancient village in Taoling Village, Fengdian Town, and some surrounding mountain streams. Guzhai Fortress of Jiufanggou, including Ming Hall, Qinglongtai, Main Building - Yan's Old House, Yan's Ancestral Hall, etc., is a multi courtyard building complex composed of several independent buildings. Each building concludes gatehouse, central passage, patio, courtyard, etc. The building has a large scale with rich characteristics, and has a high value for the study of ancient buildings in Hubei Province.