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“Round Pattern” of Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle

At the Xiaochang West Toll Station of Section from Dasui to Hanshi of Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle (also called Xiaogan North Section of Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle), the staffs were checking the rates and complaints hotline placed on the striking position. “The rates examination and approval department, the charging department, the rates, the charging period, the complaints hotline and the like all should be publicized to accept the public supervision.” a staff said with a smile.

Upon approval by the Department of Transport of Hubei Province, the Xiaogan North Section of Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle was opened in trial from 0:00 on February 1, and has followed the national networked toll collection. On January 31, the staffs of two toll stations, one service area, monitoring sub-center and maintenance work area along the line performed their duties, and busily prepared for the opening to traffic.

With the opening to traffic of Xiaogan North Section, the Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle has synchronously realized the opening of the whole line.

The Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle is one of the “nine-vertical, five-horizontal and three-ring” expressway network in the Outline for Planning of Hubei Provincial Road Network (2011-2030), with a total length of 560km, and linked with over 20 cities, such as Huangshi, Huanggang, Xianning, Jiayu, Honghu, Xiantao, Tianmen, Hanchuan, Xiaogan, Guangshui, Macheng and Hong’an.

With a total length of 46.42km, Xiaogan North Section along the line is from Yangzhai Town, Guangshui City and interconnected with Yangzhai East Hub, intersects Dasui Section of Mazhu Expressway, goes through Wangdian Town of Xiaochang County, Chendian Village and Lidian Town of Anlv City, Daodian Village of Yunmeng County, and ends at Nancheng Street of Anlv City. It is also connected with Xiaogan South Section of Expressway in Wuhan City Circle. Invested by Hubei Provincial Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. for construction, this project was officially commenced in May 2018, and handed over and accepted on August 18, 2020.

With the opening of the Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle, Wuhan 1+8 City Circle was formed. From now on, people of all cities in the circle can pick up the motorway in 15min, and they can drive between any two adjoining cities in 30min. As the traffic network has become dense and perfect, the masses contact each other more easily, and this also can effectively divert the traffic flow of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Fuzhou-Yinchuang Expressway and other expressways, so as to ease the traffic pressure.

The staff of Xiaogan Transportation Bureau said that: “ before the opening, it took more than an hour to drive from Anlv to Dawu. Now, with Xiaogan North Section opened to traffic, it only takes about 50min when we drive on the Ring Expressway of Wuhan City Circle. It also takes only one and a half hours to drive from Xiaochang West and Taiping to Wuhan, which greatly reduces the time.” Therefore, the opening of Xiaogan North Section will have a very important meaning for Xiaogan to further enter Wuhan 1+8 City Circle and accelerate its economic and social development.