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Xiaogan’s 2019 Spring Festival Gala Held with Joy

On the evening of January 28, when Xiaogan’s 2019 Spring Festival Gala was being held wonderfully, the gymnasium of the City Sports Center was beautifully lit, full of people singing and dancing, cheers and applause, and laughter and chatting.


At 7 pm, the Gala was beginning with the magnificent song and dance The Pursuit of Happiness. Song and dance, magic show, Beijing opera, short funny story, martial arts, acrobatics and other forms of art, combined with high-tech stage, made the audience happy and intoxicated.


The staff members, or officers and soldiers, of Shuanghe City Ninetieth Regiment of the Fifth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Hubei Changjiang Publishing & Media Group, Hubei Provincial Communications Investment Group, Poly Group, Xiaogan-based Airborne Army and other organizations, were invited to perform in the Gala in joint celebration of the Spring Festival.


Zhang Xinyue, the famous performing artist of Beijing opera, Xia Qingling and Chen Changxi, the Chu opera masters, Yang Juan, the famous young singer and others performed on the stage. Chen Gong, who was a Xiaogan-born player and won the gold medal for the three-player basketball match in the 18th Asian Games, also came to the Gala.


It is learned that the Gala was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee, Xiaogan City Cultural and Sports News Publishing Bureau and Xiaogan Radio and Television Station, and was organized by Xiaogan Art Creation Institute. Its theme is “dream-seeking” and is divided into two parts: joy and peace, and seeking your dream. The Gala, in the form of art performance, has demonstrated the fruits of Xiaogan’s economic and social development, and has helped the city to unswervingly implement the development path of “Ten Focuses and Ten Promotions” and accelerate the high-quality economic and social development.