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Passenger Transports More Than 360 Thousand Trips in Xiaogan during the Spring Festival Holiday

On February 10, the reporter learned that during the 7-day long holiday of the Spring Festival, more than 360,000 passengers were transported throughout the city, of which 311, 300 passengers were transported by highway passenger transportation and 56,400 passengers were transported by urban railways.


As of 5 p.m. on February 10, Xiaogan East Station has transported a total of 39,011 passengers, and Xiaogan Railway Station has transported a total of 17,411 passengers, mainly in Hankou direction for short distance and mainly in Guangzhou and Beijing direction for long distance. Passenger flow has decreased compared with the same period last year.


In response to the peak passenger flow during the Spring Festival, Xiaogan Railway Station increased 11 temporary trains to transport passengers. At the same time, the station has provided five manual ticket windows, five automatic ticket machines and four new real-name gate machines, which make it convenient for passengers to travel quickly and conveniently.

During the Spring Festival, Xiaogan Passenger Transport Group put in sufficient transport capacity, and provided emergency measures in place. The passenger flow in the station is stable, and there is no phenomenon of passenger flow piled up. Affected by bad weather such as rain, snow and road icing, passenger lines to cross-prefecture cities and states were suspended on the sixth day of the New Year, and routes to surrounding counties and cities were in normal operation except for Dawu direction. During the festival, in order to ensure the safety and convenience of passengers, Xiaogan Passenger Transport Group started from vehicle status, GPS monitoring, closed management of stations, and upgrade of "three products" security inspection to eliminate hidden dangers from the source.