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Success Declaration for Geographical Indication Certification Trademark by Yunmeng "Baihe Cauliflower"

On February 20, the declaration for geographical indication certification trademark by "Baihe Cauliflower" was officially approved by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC. This is the third geographical indication certification trademark obtained by Yunmeng County after "Yunmeng Fish Noodle" and "Yunmeng Cauliflower".


According to Yunmeng County Annals, "Baihe Cauliflower" is named for its abundant production in Baihe Village, Chengguan Town, Yunmeng County. In the late 1970s, farmers in this village began to grow cauliflower. After many years of hybridization experiments, a new winter cauliflower variety, Baihe cauliflower, which is suitable for the local natural climate conditions, was finally cultivated. Because of its fine texture, white color, delicate quality, rich nutrition and other characteristics, it was sold well in more than 10 provinces and cities in China, such as Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Changsha and Wuhan. In 2003 and 2006, Baihe cauliflower passed the certification of pollution-free agricultural products in Hubei Province and the certification of green food in China Green Food Development Center. In 2012, "Baihe Cauliflower" was approved as the geographical indication of agricultural products of the Ministry of Agriculture. At present, with Baihe green food cauliflower standard production demonstration base as the center, the Chengguan Town in Yunmeng County united six cauliflower planting professional villages, with planting area of 5,000 mu, the average yield per mu of 6,000 jin and output value of 24 million yuan, driving 1500 households to increase income.


In recent years, Yunmeng County Industrial and Commercial Bureau has actively tapped local natural resources and agricultural products resources, and launched a number of well-known, high-quality and high-benefit certification trademarks of agricultural geographical indications. Presently, "Yunmeng Rice and Meat Pancake" and "Fuhe Radish" have also been declared pending trial besides "Yunmeng Fish Noodle", "Yunmeng Cauliflower" and "Baihe Cauliflower" have been approved by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC. The next step is to declare "Sangang Glutinous Rice" and "Daodian Watermelon".