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New image of development of Xiaogan City was firstly presented in postage design

On March 31, the first ceremony of special-use postage design “Filial hometown – Xiaogan” will be held in Xiaogan East Station Square. The postage design, with 80 cents in face value, will be on sale nationwide on that day, which is the first time that the image of Xiaogan was put on the postage design.

It is reported that the postage design mainly adopts the picture New Image of Xiaogan provided by Xiaogan Municipal Government and taken by photographer Mao Feng to present the subject of “filial hometown”, which represents the main feature of Xiaogan East Station Square and Huaiyin Park, representing the modern image of Xiaogan and reflecting the main achievements obtained by Xiaogan in recent years. In the meanwhile, the cultural connotation of “filial hometown” was added to the postage design by traditional Chinese realistic painting “Dong Yong and the Seventh Fairy (characters in mythological stories)” created by Xiao Yutian, a national-level artist.

It is reported that in the first ceremony, there is the special-use postage design “filial hometown – Xiaogan”, commemorative postmark “Twenty-four filial deeds”, postcard “golden monkey”, stamp “marathon”, and scenery postcard “beautiful Xiaogan”, and the mailing ceremony of Xiaogan scenery postcard “mailing the beautiful Xiaogan” and the first special ceremony for Chinese Story ▪ New Driver in Xiaogan” will be launched as well.