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Postal Rural E-commerce Revitalize Local Products

On March 31, “City of Filial Piety Culture – Xiaogan” Special-Use Postage Design Launch and Series of Activities in 2019 China Post “Green Hills, Clear Waters and Most Beautiful Post Road” will be grandly held in the square of Xiaogan East Station. At that time, City Post Company will hold a one-day featured product exhibition of rural e-commerce for targeted poverty alleviation – “working together for targeted poverty alleviation and helping rural revitalization”


It is understood that the exhibition will mainly focus on products and cultural features, with more than 120 kinds of agricultural products participating in the exhibition. Among them, there are two hot products (Hanchuan Xiarun Rice and Yingcheng Chunhua Tofu Skin) of targeted poverty alleviation counties and 8 factory-to-country hot products which are best sellers of Daohuaxiang, Supor, Fulinmen, Luhua, C&S Paper, Breeze and other factories.


In recent years, with Ule site and rural e-commerce integrated service platform as the carrier, City Post Company has deeply explored the two-way green channel of “Factory to Country and Farm to Table”, built seven storage centers and 2,232 “Ule” sites, and preliminarily established rural post e-commerce service system of “five without leaving village”(including shopping without leaving village, living without leaving village, selling without leaving the village, finance without leaving village and entrepreneurship without leaving village”. Up to now, the city has entered the “Ule Pavilion” through Ule.com, with a total of 55 merchants through social investment, 55 on-line social products and 220 on-line proprietary products, a total of 5,200 orders and a total of 50 million yuan of wholesale transactions.