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2019 Xiaogan (Zhuoer Town) Peach Blossom Tourism Festival Opened


The opening ceremony of Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival

Following the footsteps of spring, the peach blossoms in Yangdian town of Xiaonan are brilliant, and the annual peach blossom festival comes on schedule. On the morning of March 26, 2019 Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival of Chinese Xiaogan (Zhuoer Town) opened in Peach Blossom Pavilion of Zhuoer Town and attracted a large number of tourists to appreciate the peach blossoms.


The Peach Blossom Festival, with the theme of “cultural creativity lightens up the rural culture tourism”, aims to discuss the guesthouse culture, expand the brand influence, display the local characteristics and share the beautiful life. The activity will continue until April 7. At the opening ceremony, it performed artistic and ancient dances and Su Tungpo’s Song Poems culture, and it launched strategic cooperation with the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries of Peking University and other activities. There were full of people on the scene. 


Ten miles of peach forests blossom in the wind, and ten thousand mu of peach blossoms burst into bloom like crimson clouds. In ten miles of peach forests, the reporter saw that ten thousand mu of peach blossoms have been all in blossom, and the deep and shallow pink peach blossoms and lively green grass and blue sky rendered a dreamy scenery. Tourists walked through a pink sea of flowers, took photos beside the peach trees and enjoy good time of spring. 

During the Peach Blossom Festival, the sponsor lightened up the countryside through cultural creativity and stirred up a pink storm of rural garden. It will hold the Cultural Creativity Lights up Rural Culture Tourism Development Summit, Rural Cultural and Creative Industries Salon, Peach Blossom and Song Poems Meeting, Rural Photography Meeting and other wonderful activities to provide the most beautiful feast for rural culture tourism through the deep integration of cultural tourism and rural revitalization.


After years of sustainable development, Yangdian Peach Blossom Tourism Culture Festival develops from the original single flower sightseeing tour to a peach blossom economy of “with flowers as a medium to seek development”, and it becomes an important carrier to promote the deep integration of Xiaogan’s tourism and culture and the co-existence with ecology. In particular, since the Peach Blossom Pavilion of Zhuoer Town was located, the influence of Peach Blossom Culture Tourism Festival has been growing. It won the top ten flower viewing route in the province and attracted more than 300,000 tourists every year. Ten thousand mu of Peach Blossoms won Chinese Beautiful Garden. The Peach Blossom Pavilion of Zhuoer Town was approved as national-level preferred tourism project and entered the establishment list of the second batch of featured towns.