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Xiaogan Section of Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway Makes a Sprint to Welcome a “Test”

The data of electronic rail gauge were displayed as “superelevation +0.65mm and rail gauge -0.18mm” with clicks. Technicians got a chalk quickly to record measurement results in the sleeper. Plangent double-end internal combustion bolt spanner is followed to loosen the fastening afterwards. Several construction personnel made fine adjustments according to each set of data to guarantee that the error is controlled within the scope of 0.1mm. At 10 o’clock on March 24, dozens of construction personnel were making fine adjustments of long rails with high accuracy for ballastless track in the construction site of Yujiazhai Bridge in Yandian Town of Anlu City in the third section of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway.  

“Fine adjustment of long rails is a link with highest accuracy requirements in the construction of high-speed railway. The safety of train with high-speed operation of 350km per hour can be guaranteed only when accuracy of each set of rail gauge, regular elevation difference and linear smoothing of rail are guaranteed.” Chief Engineer of the Project from work area II of division I for the third section of Wuhan-Shiyan Railway Xin Hongbing said. The third section is two-way and is 80km from Zengdian of Yunmeng to Yijiawan of Suizhou with 360 thousand sets of fastening. Construction personnel are required to finish fine adjustment of each set of fastening within the time of 3 months to welcome acceptance “test”. Every minute counts, but the quality cannot be perfunctory.

In order to guarantee high-quality and efficient construction of Xiaogan section of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway, Project Department of section 2 (Yunmeng section) of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway undertaken by China State Construction Engineering Corporation and Project Department of section 3 (Anlu section) of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway undertaken by China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd. supervise strictly and keep improving to guarantee high quality and high standards. 


In order to guarantee engineering quality from the source, Project Department of section 2 of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway has set up a central laboratory with 5 sub-laboratories to detect raw materials, materials of semi-finished products and finished products entering the site. “We control physical quality through self-inspection, supervision by supervisors and sampling inspection by owners and other methods, and hold observation contests to show and test quality.” Related person in charge of test and detection of section 2 Hu Yuhua said. 


In the construction process of Yunmeng East Station and Anlu West Station, China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd. made three-dimensional modeling for buildings, steel structures, electromechanical pipelines and others by BIM technology, and made adjustments promptly through pipeline collision experiments for information model. At the same time, engineering technicians worked in a regular shift aimed at pile foundation, cushion cap and other concealed works, carried out construction strictly in accordance with process flow and guaranteed that qualified rate of sampling inspection for various indexes reaches standard requirements.


At present, construction of section 2 and section 3 of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway is “sprinting”. Fine adjustment of long rails, quality defect elimination and other works are implemented against time to welcome upcoming static and dynamic acceptance in April and joint debugging in June and subsequent commissioning and other tests. Construction of related supporting facilities in Yunmeng East Station and Anlu West Station are advancing comprehensively to guarantee that opening conditions can be provided in December this year.