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Camera Crew of “Xiaogan - A Lovely City” Traveled All Over the Districts and Counties in Search of Great Beauty

On July 19, the camera crew of “Xiaogan – A Lovely City”, a large-scale historical, cultural and scenery documentary, entered Yangdian Town, Xiaonan District, seeking beautiful sceneries, shooting scenes and accumulating materials. The famous local scenic spots, such as “Three Steles” set by Qiao Yongqian (emperor’s teacher) for symbolizing the honest and upright character in the Qing Dynasty, Huangxiao “Jiehe Bridge” connecting Huangpi and Xiaogan, the literary and long-lasting “Governor's College”, “Yangdian Bridge” built in the Ming Dynasty and listed as a provincial cultural relic protection site, were recorded by the camera crew at zero distance.


It is understood that the special documentary “Xiaogan – A Lovely City” is a three-year key project for the construction of a famous Chinese filial piety cultural city approved by the Propaganda Department of the Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee in 2018. The series includes nine chapters and thirty episodes: Impression of Xiaogan, Spring and Autumn of Xiaogan, Filial Conduct in Xiaogan, Red Xiaogan, Intangible Cultural Heritage in Xiaogan, Scenic Site in Xiaogan, Folklore in Xiaogan, Celebrities from Xiaogan, Capital Investment in Xiaogan, etc. Since filming began last year, the camera crew has traveled all over the districts and counties of Xiaogan City, trying to explore the humanistic history and local culture of Xiaogan through careful and detailed analysis, displaying its unique style and spreading Xiaogan’s social civilization. It is the first time in Xiaogan City to explore, record and display the historical culture, scenery and cultural features of Xiaogan in the form of film and television documentaries.


As a lavish gift for Xiaogan’s cultural workers to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of New China, the filming and completion of this documentary will facilitate all sectors of society to understand the history and culture of Xiaogan, and feel the pulse of human and economic and social development in Xiaogan.