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Xiaogan Intelligent Urban Management Information Platform System Passed Provincial Acceptance

On August 4, Xiaogan Intelligent Urban Management Information Platform System passed acceptance of expert group from the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hubei Province. It indicates that Xiaogan City has taken a critical step for urban management from digitization to intellectualization. 

Xiaogan Intelligent Urban Management Information Platform System rented government cloud center server, integrated and constructed 9 basic systems and 14 professional subsystems, covered 57 square kilometers of built up area, collected and recorded 187,291 urban management components, divided 2,134 unit grids, calculated 30,550 of geocoding, 25,326 of interest points, 5,168 door number plates, and 56 marks, collected 200km of live road tracks and 20,815 frames of live video, linked to “three areas” and 21 departments directly under Xiaogan government, and was put into operation in May 2018. Urban management information has been collected through “six channels” for the past year; moreover, 43,995 problems have been solved under the comprehensive supervision of the public; urban environment has been sharply improved; platform system has been stably operated with significant effect; urban management resources have been integrated; workflow has been reconstructed; the innovative management mode of “Class I Supervision and Class II Command” has worked well; the long-term new management mechanism based on city, district, street and community linkage and departments taking their responsibilities have been constructed; the good situation of “government plus” public participation has been formed; the disadvantage of urban management system has been addressed; urban management of Xiaogan City has been more scientific, elaborate and intelligent.