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“Yunmeng East Railway Station” of Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway Appears for the First Time

The naming of the high-speed railway station in Yunmeng section of Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed railway arouses the attention of the general public. On July 31, the reporter saw at the construction site of Yunmeng High-speed Railway Station that the four bright red characters of "Yunmeng East Railway Station" had been hung on the entrance of the high-speed railway station. Over 200 workers are working intensively to make the final sprint for the scheduled opening of the Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway.


Chen Dongdong, Engineer of Yunmeng East Railway Station Project Department of China Railway Construction, introduced that the Yunmeng East Railway Station project started in April last year. At present, the main structure project has been completed and it has turned into the stage of internal decoration and sign installation. On July 15, the first test run of Yunmeng East Railway Station of Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway was successful, and the joint commissioning and test train smoothly drove from Hankou Railway Station to Yunmeng East Railway Station.


The Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway is an important part of the Wuhan-Xi'an High-speed Railway. It is 399 kilometers long from Xiaogan East Station of the Han Xiao Intercity Railway through Suizhou, Xiangyang to Shiyan. It is understood that Yunmeng East Railway Station has reserved a direct line in the direction of Wuhan West Railway Station, and Shiyan will extend to Xi'an in the future to connect Yinchuan-Xi 'an High-speed Railway.