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First Smart Substation settled in Hanchuan, Hubei

On October 15, the construction of 110KV Jinma Smart Substation commenced in Makou Town, Hanchuan City, marking the opening of a new era of “Smart Substation” construction by State Grid Hubei Electric Power. The substation is one of the first batch of pilot projects in China and the first pilot smart substation in Hubei Province.


The smart substation is a smart service system that uses big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other modern information technologies to realize the interconnection of all things in various links of the power system by adopting advanced sensing technology of “comprehensive awareness” in many links such as power generation terminal, power grid, transmission line and operation and distribution terminal. At present, the State Grid Corporation of China has piloted the construction of 7 smart substations, and the Hanchuan Jinma Smart Substation has been included in the first batch of pilots, and also the only pilot in Hubei Province.

It is reported that this smart substation is scheduled to be put into operation in December this year, with the investment of RMB 40 million. After completion, it will fully realize the functions of one-button sequence control, robot remote automatic unmanned patrol, active early warning of equipment abnormalities, intelligent decision on fault trip, etc., to achieve comprehensive state awareness, information interconnection and sharing, highly intelligent equipment diagnosis, and greatly improved operation and inspection efficiency, which will promote the regional economic and social development.