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Xiaogan special policemen organizes party members to carry out revolutionary traditional education


On October 23, the special patrol police branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau organized more than 50 people’s policemen who are also the party members to participate in revolutionary traditional education activities in the army, to remember the great achievements of revolutionary martyrs, receive red education and inherit red genes (as shown in the figure).

During the visit, the people’s policemen who are also the party members carefully listened to introductions of the commentator, stopped from time to time to watch and inquired carefully. All the people were deeply moved and impressed by the precious paragraphs of texts, pictures of battle scenes, and pieces of cultural relics bearing history displayed in the museum.  

After the visit, everyone said that they have been shocked in their soul and baptized in their mind during this visit and study. In the future work, they will further carry forward the spirit of revolutionary struggle, insist on their ideals and beliefs, never forget the original intention to join the party and the police, keep in mind their responsibilities and missions, and put themselves into job in a more energetic state, so as to make new and more contributions for Xiaogan safety construction in the new era with their efforts.