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16th China Wuhan Agricultural Expo is being held

Plant a tree of “Agricultural Expo” to attract quality agricultural products. From November 23 to 26, the 16th China Wuhan Agricultural Expo is being held in Wuhan International Expo Center.


Themed by “promote agriculture through quality and strengthen agriculture through brands”, the 16th Agricultural Expo comprehensively displays modern agricultural development, new agricultural technologies, new agricultural varieties, and new agricultural achievements, and builds a platform for agricultural enterprises to display and promote their products, and communicate and cooperate with each other.


103 enterprises from Xiaogan display more than 800 products on this Expo, with 8 exhibition areas at municipal and county levels occupying a total area of more than 970 square meters. The exhibited products include not only traditional products such as sesame chips & rice beverage, fish noodles, and skins of bean-curd, and leisure products such as boiled duck neck with spices and boiled lotus roots with spices, but also a series of green food such as water chestnut juice, “Huangmaozhan” fragrant rice, famous high-quality tea, and camellia oil.


On the 16th Agricultural Expo, the Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has actively organized enterprises and merchants to communicate with each other, participate in the on-site brand promotion conference for agricultural products, the agricultural product e-commerce sales and paired assistance fair, the eco-agricultural brand innovation promotion conference, the evaluation of exhibited agricultural products, the quality agricultural product promotion conference and other trade exchange activities, which demonstrate the new achievements of modern agricultural development in Xiaogan, the new chapter for the construction of beautiful countryside, and the new image of leading agricultural enterprises, promote a number of new brands, new enterprises, and new products, enhance the seamless connection among agricultural merchants, E-commerce businessmen and enterprises, and improve the comprehensive agricultural benefits and core competitiveness of Xiaogan.