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“Taste of Xiaogan” made its appearance on the 28th China Food Expo


On December 6, the 28th China Food Expo China (Wuhan) International Food Fair was opened in Wuhan International Expo Center.

During the Expo, more than 40 series and nearly 200 kinds of products were launched by the participating enterprises, and the 3-day sales volume reached RMB 963,000. According to the evaluation result report on Chu Cuisine brands issued by the Department of Commerce of Hubei Province on the first day of the Expo, Xiaogan Rice Wine was awarded a title of “Top Ten Famous Chu Cuisine Dessert”; Pasty Rice Win, Yingcheng Stone-cooked Steamed Bun, Fried Schizonepeta Rice Cake and Clay Stove Pancake were awarded a title of “Famous Chu Cuisine Snack”.