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Announce the “Most Beautiful People in Yingcheng” in 2019

On January 7, the reporter learned that the list of 10 “Most Beautiful People in Yingcheng” in 2019 has been unveiled after recommendation by various departments of Yingcheng, qualification review, preliminary evaluation by the organizing committee, online voting, voting by members of the civilization committee, and approval by the four leaders.

The 10 people are Wang Zhuoran, an ex-servicemen who keeps up with the Party all his life, Cheng Mengxing, an entrepreneur who inherits the tofu skin technology, Hu Yingjie, a retired policeman with indelible color, Cai Xiaomao, a guardian of metal patient, Li Feng, a disabled “inspirational elder brother” with strong will, Fu Lan, a good example of filial piety, Yang Zhiyuan, a senior agricultural technician who serves the agriculture, rural areas and rural residents, Yang Yimin, a cadre committed to poverty alleviation at the grassroots level, Guo Fang, a leader in volunteer service, and Chen Liangqing, an agricultural cadre who dedicated his love to the land.


In this selection activity, the rich achievements of the construction of civic moral in Yingcheng are fully demonstrated, the people of Yingcheng are mobilized to participate in moral practice activities actively, the upward force for goodness is accumulated, and the construction of civilized Yingcheng is vigorously promoted. This activity is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Yingcheng Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Civilization Office of the Yingcheng Party Committee, and the Yingcheng Convergence Media Center. Since the activity began last October, 27 candidates have been selected.