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On October 30, it was learnt by reporters from Xiaogan Municipal Bureau (“Bureau”) of Commerce that, for the application of foreign trade fund projects for the year 2013 in Hubei, 94 enterprise with their projects applied for were satisfied by the Bureau. Such foreign trade fund projects would help more enterprises in Xiaogan “go out” smoothly in future days.

In later October, 168 foreign trade fund projects with an amount declared of RMB 20,570,000 have been applied for by the Bureau together with Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Finance. Among such projects, 146 ones with an amount declared of RMB 2,920,000 were the fund projects to expand the international market of small and medium-sized enterprises; 19 ones with an amount declared of RMB 14,850,000 were these to promote coordinated development of the foreign trade zone; the rest three with an amount declared of RMB 2,800,000 were such projects for the public service platform of foreign trade.

It was learnt that the application for foreign trade fund projects should be based on actual conditions of the area and the department. The focus was to foster and develop a number of leading enterprises and entities under the transformation and leaping development of foreign trade in China, and to encourage and support merit-based foreign trade projects with outstanding competitive advantages, noticeable scale benefits, consistent with environmental protection requirements and with strong strategic initiatives. To strengthen the online application capacity of service enterprises and enhance the business skills training, the Bureau worked with the Finance Bureau to provide such enterprises with business guidance training in online application for foreign trade projects.

For this project application, Xiaogan gave full play to the regional advantages of Xiaogan as one of the sub-center cities in Wuhan Metropolitan Area and the advantages in policies for Dabieshan Mountain old revolutionary areas. Based on the previous reserve program database, Xiaogan actively helped foreign trade enterprises open the international market, and guided foreign trade-based export enterprises to develop new export growth points. In addition to increases in support of competitive industries and traditional industrial in Xiaogan, it also made contributions to overseas exhibitions, overseas business visits, development of product and quality management systems certification as well as e-commerce of the agricultural products, mechanical and electrical products, finished vehicle export enterprises, such as Xiaogan Sesame Candy & Rice Wine Co., Ltd., Hubei Chuhang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Sanjiang Space Wanshan Special Vehicle CO.,LTD., etc., instilling new energies into active exploitation of the international market by export enterprises in Xiaogan.