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It was learnt by reporters from Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Commerce (“Bureau”) that the joint annual inspection against foreign-funded enterprise in Xiaogan has been successfully completed. According to the annual inspection data, foreign-funded enterprise in Xiaogan received sound development of businesses and operations in 2012. Production and operation indexes including sales revenue, number of employees, etc. were kept in steady growth when compared to these in the last year.  Total profits and taxes hit a high level.

There are 89 enterprises actually participating in and passing the joint online annual inspection against foreign-funded enterprises in Xiaogan, with a drop of 13 enterprises and a 100% of pass for participating enterprises. There are 42 joint ventures, 44 sole proprietorships, 2 cooperative enterprises, 1 joint-stock enterprise, with proportions to the total number of participants of 47.19%, 49.44%. 2.25% and 1.12% respectively. Foreign-funded enterprises have made great contributions to sound economic and social development of Xiaogan. Enterprises participating in this inspection achieved a operating revenue of RMB 1,176,003.37, with an increase of RMB 105,048.72 when compared to that of the last year, yielding a growth of 9.8 percent. Enterprises ranking the first three places in terms of the operating revenues are: Hubei Yinlu Food Co., Ltd., RMB 2,842 million; Vinda Paper (Hubei) Co., Ltd., RMB 1,166 million; Garsoni (Yingcheng) Fertilizer Co., Ltd., RMB 1,068 million.