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On December 14, 2013, Chinese Endangered Culture Protector, consisting of 10 volunteers from America, Canada, Australia, Portugal and Germany and 5 Chinese volunteers came to Xiaogan in search of the endangered culture in Xiaogan, and came up with the recommendations and measures on how to protect such culture.

The volunteers visited the ancient streets in Xiaohe Town, Xiaochang County, the ancient architecture in Xindian Town, Yunmeng County built in the Yuan Dynasty – Sizhou Temple. They appreciated Repay of a Tiger (Lao Hu Bao En) – a piece of shallow play performed by Qin Ligang in an old teahouse in Yunmeng. They said that professionalism of cultural protection was strong, and foreign countries were well experienced for it. For example, foreign cultural protection usually combines specific projects with modern media and economy and excavates its originality. They also believed that cultural protection and promotion in Xiaogan remained to be improved in several aspects. The ancient streets in Xiaohe Town was in an urgent to be protected. Traditional handicraftsmen and artistic operas should be innovated with their integrity with the era.

China Endangered Culture Protector (CECP) is a non-governmental organization consisting of volunteers from all over the world and aims at research on and protection of the unnoticed endangered portions of Chinese culture.